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Your school may benefit from Matterport virtual tours!

Why does your school
need virtual tours?!

Not only does MA rank in the top 10 of college states in the country, but MA is in the upper percentile for students enrolling from out of state!

Students are advised to visit prospective campuses for many reasons prior to applying or accepting admission. Our Matterport 360 virtual tours help them do that when they can't physically get to your campus. Virtual tours also save time for everyone involved. 

There could be many reasons why a prospective student may not be able to visit your campus, especially now with the unfortunate COVID19 pandemic. 


Students are able to:

-See their potential living quarters/dorms. 

-Tour common spaces such as gyms, study halls, recreational rooms, etc. 

-Take a peek at the outdoor common spaces.

-Get a feel for the space, school, and campus as a whole. 

-See where they might be spending the next semester or year(s) of their lives and education.

-Come into the school year with a NEW sense of confidence and excitement.

Click the images below to see some of our college tours!

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