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Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I get my listing media?

Everything will be sent to your preferred email by the next morning, or within 24 hours at the latest.

If I can't meet you at the home, can you go in and take the photos without me?

Of course! I can enter the home via a lockbox or spare key. I have my real estate license so your seller can feel at ease knowing I'm just another Realtor entering their home.

How and when do I pay?

We have many ways to pay, including Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card, CashApp, or Zelle.

How early should I contact VLS when I need listing media?

It depends on the state of the market but usually 48 hours prior will suffice. There are a lot of cancellations & rescheduling in the real estate world so it never hurts to ask whenever you need listing media!

Once I have the listing media, can I use it for whatever I'd like?

Yes, once the listing media is delivered you can use it however you need. VLS may use a photo on their website or social media platforms to show their work from time to time. 

Can we still take drone photos if its rainy or snowing out?

Usually we need to reschedule, it is pretty difficult to take drone photos when it is raining or snowing out. 

Can we still take photos if it's raining our or cloudy?

Yes! If the sky is gray or unattractive, we can easily add a nice bright blue sky in Photoshop. 


Would you prefer all the lights on or off?

Yes! The more light the better.

How should I have my sellers prepare their home for photos?

The home should be clean, tidy, and presentable. You and your sellers can check out this page for more info.

I've heard some areas don't allow you to fly a drone, is that true?

That is true, some areas around airports don't allow any drones in the air. 99% of the time we are not effected by this, and if we are it is pretty easy to get a day permit. If you are concerned about your listing's proximity to a no-fly zone, send us the address and we'll double check!

How do I download the photos from the Google Drive link?

The photos are so large we cant just attach them to an email, so we have to send via GoogleDrive, Here is a link if you have any issues downloading the photos we send.

My sellers aren't ready for interior photos yet, can you come take exterior shots and come back to take interior pictures when they're ready?

Of course!

How accurate are the floor plans?

The measuring tool we use is accurate to 1/8th of an inch. When we complete the floor plans we make them more 'buyer friendly' and visually pleasing by listing the room measurements in whole numbers. 

If I need to make a change on a floorplan, how can I do that?

Let us know and we can fix it for you!

Can you make a floor plan from one I already have, or one that the builder sent me?

Of course, if you have as-builts, blueprints, or floorplans from your seller already we can draw them up from those (and it'll save you some money too!)

Can you make a floor plan without being inside the home?

Unfortunately we cannot, we have to get inside the home and measure every room.

Can you take outdoor / exterior measurements for me?

Of course!


Can we do exterior Matterport tours?

Exterior Matterport tours are doable but sometimes they look a little weird from the aerial / dollhouse view. Matterport needs solid walls so the program knows where to 'stop', sometimes trees, bushes, the sky etc, can confuse the software. 


Should everyone be out of the home when you do a Matterport tour?

Ideally a home should be vacated during a Matterport tour, we use a 360 camera and it sees everything. If the home has multiple floors we can make it work without the home being vacated.


Where can I see the Matterport tour?

You will receive a link that will bring you to your Matterport tour, and it can be password protected if needed. If you are receiving many tours for one space (15+ / usually this just applies to colleges) you may need to sign up for your own Matterport account.

How long will the Matterport tour be active online?

As long as you want/need!

How do you charge for virtual staging?

We charge $30 per photo (ie. if you wanted a bedroom photo staged, that would be one charge).

How do I pick which photos I want staged?

After I send the final edited photos you can let me know what specific photos you want staged, or you can have us decide which angles might work best for staging, 

What are the furniture options?

Staging programs have a LOT of options for furniture and decor. The easiest way to customize the decor is to let us know what decor or colors you want.

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